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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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10th time that brady and gronkowski have teamed up for a touchdown in the post-season which is tied for the second best all-time touchdown combination in the passing game. second to montana and rice who have 12. brady and gronkowski with 10. tony: unbelievable. and did it on an all-pro. hard to stop him. jim: one more added on for a 35-7 lead! 35 unanswered.
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[captioning funded by cbs sports division] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit jim: titans ran 39 plays and the patriots collected 30 first downs. this is the seventh game against tennessee. he has now thrown 16 touchdowns, no picks. and a touchback. tony: again, tomorrow, the playoffs continue and we'll have it for you. jacksonville and that mighty defense taking on the pittsburgh steelers.
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jacksonville-pittsburgh, tomorrow 1:00 eastern time. and so much discussion about how the jags dominated pittsburgh at heinz field week five winning 30-9, coming up with five picks and running the football at well and putting up monster numbers. tony: it won't be like that tomorrow, but it will be a battle. you just can't come in and overcome mistakes and have to come in and protect the ball. jim: ball caught by davis who scored the titans only touchdown of the night and only touchdown of the season. so the titans, their season, we were there week one, they took on oakland in nashville and got blown out by houston and recovered at 8-4.
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mariota went through health issues and then lost three in a row and had to week win week 17 and beat jacksonville and eliminated kansas city. that thrown in the area of walker. what do you see with this team, tony, looking ahead to next year? tony: ownership came out and supported mularkey and a big win last week to sustain yourself to be back as the coach. and the players like him. but they have to take a step. they did it this year. but march yosto took -- mariota took ar step back. not a good season for someone who has high hopes in this city for. and they have to figure -- they have an identity and got some young talent.
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getting a little older on the d-line. i want to see them get a little more aggressive down the field with those too type of things but in some ways, mariota has to push the ball down the field and be a little bit more quick through the progress gregses and get the ball out and trust. they are using his legs more and more each ear. bsh year. but they have the offensive line and have a lot of pieces. jim: derrick henry, who tonight 27 yards on 12 carries. flags are out as mariota is chased down by wise. one thing they are going to find themselves with a division that
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has become sneaky good. referee: pass to the face, offense, number 77. that penalty has been declined result of the play. third down. tony: here's what i want. he comes back and blitz. he is one-on-one outside. let that ball go outside. and his eyes go down and moves to the right. you can throw the ball as people are getting beaten and know where your outlets are. and and just kind of figuring out, where is it going. jim: third and 17. going to go underneath? not anywhere close to the first down. a good sneaky division, tennessee and jacksonville is not going anywhere but up.
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houston with a healthy watson and you have maybe andrew luck coming back and the colts. tony: not going to be easy going forward. the colts are going to get good real fast and tennessee, it's all about mariota. if he can improve and get better, he has to take that step and that's why you get a guy like that and has the opportunity to play good. jim: 8:00 to play and new england in full control.
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jim: patriots on their way to hosting next sunday, either jacksonville or pittsburgh. afc championship game is the first one on championship sunday and it will be a 3:00 game time. tony: good chance they are back here? jim: i like the chances. here's bolden. look at bolden. earlier scored his first first down since november of 2015 when he took it in from three yards out. and brady remains in the game. that is something we discussed this season when they have had
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blowout leads and pretty going into the last two or three minutes to come them in there. that's the belichick way. tony: see hoyer. jim: bden is in there after one. go down to trace question. tracy: mariota had the biggest win. fellow teammate led alabama alabama to a national championship. and they had known each other since they were in the fourth deprade and mariota took him under his wing. they just formed a relationship and the two still keep in touch today and he said he is a special kid and so proud of him. jim: he was absolutely amazing and the pass is dumped over to
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hollister. and coach belichick has a close relationship with nick saban who won his sixth national championship. and bill is one game away going back to a super bowl and perhaps his sixth championship. tony: i learn a lot. and, you know, the kinship is that football junkies and saban used to talk football and just why they used to do things on coverage and really fascinating the knowledge and intelligence. jim: third and 9, as we approach 6:00 to go. agh sclm look at this.
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jim: back with the titans. got to be so deflated. got off to a good start the first quarter and made good stops against new england but very little to speak of thereafter. a lot of folks wondering as that pass passed walker. a week ago yesterday and how is that going to affect this team
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going into the playoffs. and dealt with adversities and challenges and everyone does. and so much for all this talk about this turmoil, might really surface in this game and see a different look. they looked exactly what you have seen out of the patriots for a long time. tony: that stuff is silly. and mariota is running. but, jim, you know this. when you have so much success, the way the patriots have had, tom brady could walk through one time and said there are a million things in the article, but tom could say, could i win the patriot award this week? well, usually goes to special teams. but at the same time, he could say it in passing but someone
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thinks, tom brady said that. and your buddy is taking that and running like. jim: third and four and a flag as decker makes the catch on his knees. tony: you don't get to this point -- this is like a family now. you have been together 18 years? jim: a lot of the hearts in place here. referee: holding. defense, number 31. that penalty is declined. first down. jim: you talked extensively about what the kraft family did and belichick and brady. running backs' coach. this is something tom talked about. and came back and been an offensive line coach.
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tony: the execution is so high. and they know the contingencies and they can go superdeep in the system. other teams are trying to figure out stage, one, two, three. they are not stage seven. they know how to counter it on a moment's notice. jim: marcus cannon going out and had an injury with waddle. and they have had to try to patch things together and brady hasn't been sacked here tonight. here is a pass here for the first down with another flag down with matthews with the catch. tony: it would be weird, jim, if there wasn't turmoil if you had
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so much success. it is a family that goes through ups and downs. they are the patriots. they are back. referee: holding, defense, number one. and replay first down. jim: jacksonville and pittsburgh, a winner will be coming here next week. a little handicap on this one. tony: for the game tomorrow? jim: yeah. tony: i think it's going to be a three-point win. and i think it will come to one drive at the end. jim: call a good tease. tony: welcome to the playoffs.
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jim: good promo. tony: new england, probably the worst for them if they have to go against jacksonville, i think the jacksonville will score against pittsburgh and new england. but the matchups that they can put up against new england and not everybody has it. ram say, he is tall and very big. that's a matchup, they would love to see happen. jim: mariota buying time. and throws it away. gronkowski, amendola. tony: get in there, little fellow. can we see that again? gronkowski had a great game. and played outstanding.
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tennessee, second round of the playoffs. lot of things had to come together and they should be proud. and organization took a step. >> backs up to avoid a seventh sack and now fires it. that's decker and they say he did. and we've got a patriot defender down. and it's jones. tony: looks in there. ball doesn't move there. and jones -- jim: injury time-out as the patriots tend to jonathan jones.
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jim: bud light, brewed to be enjoyed responsibly. jones without any assists, he did hobble to the sideline and guess what? they returned to action and belichick have been clutching that red flag. come on, bill. referee: review the play. jim: you are supposed to catch that. tony: they are like throwing it. jim: this is what he is throwing
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it. tony: he said i'm throwing it. look like he was in there. the right foot is dragging. that's a catch. does the ball move for him? do you see anything right there? no jim: the term is survive the ground. which it did. tony: that's a catch. it's a catch. jim: which if it holds up will be five catches, 74 decker leading the way in the receiving game. tony: belichick is why do i have to throw the flag? do i do it for the cameras? there you go? see i did it. see you guys.
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jim: he was born in natchville. his father was an assistant coach at vanderbilt when bill was born. tony: he learned a lot about football. referee: the ruling on the field stands. new england is charged with its second time-out in the half. tony: he learned a lot about football. and how long did he live there for? jim: one year. he remaped close through the years to the head coach that his father assisted. and phil wade was on that team and gone to visit mr. wade in nashville that he thought would be certain watching this game and quarterback with success for
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the chicago bears. and mariota says let me get out of here. no. and chased down here. and they got him. tony: comes inside and runs all the way around, spins, clause. and mariota -- jim: would you have believed that tennessee would see its quarterback sacked seven times? tony: i believe. they have been playing greatup front, new england. and they are starting to play some of their best football. so fundamentally solid. and you have to beat them with intellect as well. ap can't show up. they're too good. you have to do something.
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that guy right there is going to give his team an advantage. and that guy does, too, by showing up. jim: third and 11. down the field they go. and diving attempt by matthews. and they are going to bring in walker and douglas for a fourth down play. by the way, the titans next year not with the matchup set, that won't be until late april but new england will be playing in
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nashville next year in the regular season and see each other. 4th and 11. and they say yes. davis. tony: davis with a good route on the shrines. goes up -- sidelines and goes up and breaks butler. jim: he tried to drag it. tony: he's in. jim: mariota from the 20. he backs up and throws it incomplete. coming up the post game show. talk about this game and put our final thought together. and back with the "the nfl today" about 12 hours later
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leading up to jacksonville and pittsburgh. tony: this is going to be a big game here next week. jim: only for the super bowl. tony: they do it every year. but i'm telling you, that matchup is going to be outstanding because i think that -- jim: mariota and a sack and only gets back to the line of scrimmage and he has two on this drive. tony: conklin being out has really hurt the titans' offense. jim: they played a game here last year tennessee and mariota got knocked out. it was in 2015. and mularkey thought we are better. and thought they had a heck of a
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chance and the catch goes only for a yard. >> they are still pretty good. jim:up. tony: it's good season. but that's a good job for them to get to this point. jim: 2:00 warning. tony: there is murray there. i missed him today. jim: i woke up very blue as so many others did as well and find out about the passing of keith jackson. we remember him as the voice of college football. that is undeniable for some 40 years and that folksy kind of comments he had and the big
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house and whoa nelley and fumble, but anybody in the industry will tell you what a genuine guy and loved in this industry. we lost dick enberg and now keith jackson, very sad times. but what a glorious career in life. 89. he passed away last night in the los angeles. tony: time flies. jim: fourth down and bringing it. and it is caught. that's a touchdown. davis gets his second on the night.
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11-yard throw on fourth down. tony: belichick, all-out pressure. he's in there. does the ball move, though? oh! this is going to be interesting. he gets his feet in and has possession. and butler rips it out of his hand right there. i think that's a catch, no question he had control of it. jim: succop, extra point. and that comes right on the heels when we had a chance to talk about one of the greats. i say out of love and great reference, what a dandy.


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